The Only Full-Service Hospital in the Antelope Valley

Antelope Valley Medical Center Emergency Room

The only full-service hospital in the Antelope Valley. AVMC features the region’s only trauma center, pediatric unit, NICU, inpatient mental health care, labor and delivery, Accredited Chest Pain Center/STEMI Receiving Center and comprehensive community cancer center.

Zippia provides an in-depth look into the details of Antelope Valley Hospital, including salaries, political affiliations, and employee data. This information is based on self-reported data from employees and may include estimates.


Whether you need an emergency room for life-threatening or non-life-threatening conditions, the Antelope Valley Medical Center is here to help.

AVMC is the only full-service acute care hospital in the Antelope Valley, and has been serving local residents for 65 years. It offers the region’s only trauma center, children’s unit, NICU, inpatient mental health services, labor and delivery, Accredited Chest Pain Center/STEMI Receiving Center and comprehensive community cancer center.

AVMC is a non-profit healthcare facility that is accredited by the Joint Commission and was recognized as one of California’s top hospitals by HealthGrades. Our hospital is staffed by physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and advance practice providers who work in partnership with in-house specialists. AVMC also provides health education and hospital services, safe haven for victims of sexual assault and self-help groups to serve the needs of our community. It also operates the AVMC Foundation and New to You Thrift Shop.


The Antelope Valley Medical Center has a reputation for being one of the best hospitals in the area. It provides excellent care for patients and is a major economic engine for the community. It serves a large geographical area with 220,000 patient visits each year. It also provides a full range of services, including outpatient surgery, labor and delivery, and inpatient mental health.

The hospital consistently treats stroke patients within the recommended timeframe to reduce disability and improve outcomes. It has an advanced primary stroke center designation, which means it is equipped to provide high-quality care for patients with ischemic stroke. This includes the administration of clot-dissolving medications within four hours of when symptoms first begin.

Zippia provides an in-depth look at the details of Antelope Valley Hospital, including salaries, political affiliations, and employee data. This is intended to help job seekers make more informed decisions about where to work. The information provided is based on self-reported data by employees or anonymous sources.


The hospital’s emergency department provides medical treatment for patients with life-threatening conditions. Treatment options include X-rays, lab tests, and surgery.

The facility is also equipped to treat strokes, and has an Advanced Primary Stroke Center certification by the American Heart Association. The center is committed to providing care based on the latest research and standards to foster better outcomes for patients. In order to successfully treat the most common type of stroke – ischemic stroke – doctors must administer clot-dissolving medication within 4.5 hours from the time the patient first noticed symptoms.

AVMC has partnered with RAD Technology Medical Systems, a company that provides modular health care facilities, to build a 7,200-square-foot addition to its emergency department. RAD’s modular design allows the new facility to be constructed off site at a facility near the hospital, minimizing disruptions for hospital staff and patients.

In addition to the Women & Infants Pavilion, the hospital offers the region’s only trauma center, pediatric unit and NICU, inpatient mental health care, labor and delivery, Accredited Chest Pain Center/STEMI Receiving Center and Comprehensive Community Cancer Center.


From the moment you are admitted to AVMC, we start planning for your discharge. The goal of our case management team is to ensure that your transition from the hospital back to your home or another setting is safe, comfortable and efficient. Our team is made up of skilled licensed professionals such as RN’s, LVN’s and Social Workers.

Your case manager will work closely with you to coordinate services and make sure your needs are met. She will also help you understand your insurance benefits, including what may not be covered by your plan.

It’s important to get annual gynecologic exams, as they can save you from future health complications and allow your doctor to spot problems early. The Antelope Valley Medical Center Gynecology Clinic is committed to providing quality care, and as part of the Every Woman Counts program, we offer free breast screenings and cervical cancer tests for eligible California women.

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